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Benefits of US Mortgage Lenders

We do the shopping for you – Our brokers’ relationship with multiple wholesale lenders provides them the ability to comparison-shop rates and terms and present you with the best options currently available. Banks/direct lenders do not shop with different lenders for you.

Brokers act as an intermediary – We work with you and wholesale lenders to identify the best lender choice for your situation. On the other hand, direct lenders such as Banks, S&L’s or other similar institutions decide if you qualify for one of THEIR specific programs.

We are borrower advocates – Brokers are invested in you throughout and with you every step of the way. We work on your loan from start to finish. Banks and direct lenders typically use the “assembly” line mentality, passing you off to other people, which can cause frustration, confusion, and delays.

Clear Communications – Navigating mortgage terms and the various stages of the loan process can be challenging. We take great pride in communicating, educating, and informing our customers throughout the entire loan process.

Follow Up – Staying in touch with the borrower and their real estate agent is a crucial benefit to keep everyone informed as your loan progresses from the application, pre-approval, loan submission, processing, underwriting, final loan approval, and closing. Our state-of-the-art software keeps all parties involved in the process up to date on where the transaction process currently stands.

Personalization! Get your questions answered by ONE person. Unlike national centers or direct lenders/banks, you may get a different person each time you call. You will have direct access to your broker. We care more about our clients, their well-being, and their overall satisfaction. Rest assured, you will be happier with the process and service you receive from us.

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